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Print this screen, sign it and fax it to Verification Plus at 713-464-8473


Thank you for considering Verification Plus to address your need of screening applications. Our Verification Plus team will provide your property with efficient and reliable verifications. We will turn your applications over in a timely manner. We back this up by guaranteeing that each application will be completed and back to you property within 48 hours. This does not include weekend hours. However, we do have to protect this guarantee with a provision. If the property or the applicant has to be contacted to acquire more information, then the guarantee would not stand. This should not be a problem if each application is filled out completely before being sent to Verification Plus.  Please call us at (713) 464-9223 for a list of current prices.  They range from $6.00 to $30.00 depending on the services that best suits your needs.  Once you have contacted us and your prices have been established, simply print this form, fill in the blanks and fax it to us at (713) 464-8473.  We look forward to working with you.

Verification Plus must rely on independent sources for information to screen and process applications.  Therefore, Verification Plus can not guarantee any information provided to your company nor can Verification Plus guarantee the performance of an approved or non approved applicant.

Verification Plus will provide your property with a score report and a recommendation based on your criteria.

Accept __________ or more

Accept with additional deposit of $________      Score ___________

Reject __________ or less

The recommendation provided on our score report will be based solely on the scores you list above and Verification Plus' report is not intended to be a guarantee of performance.


Criminal Background Check $____________
Credit Report $____________
Credit & Criminal Verification $____________
Full Service Verification
(Credit, Criminal, Rental & Employment)
Two year full service verification
(Credit, Criminal, 2 yr, Rental & 2 yr. employment)
________________________ ______ _________________________




________________________ ______ VERIFICATION PLUS



Fax it to Verification Plus at 713-464-8473

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