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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many people typically show up as criminals?

A: We found that 19% had a criminal record. Of those, 9% have felony convictions.

Q: Do the applicants tend to have good or bad credit?

A: Only 15% of the applicants we process have 100% positive or good credit.

Q: Do applicants generally have previous rental history?

A: Approximately 50% of the applicants we process have no rental history.

Q: Do you uncover lots of evictions?

A: We show that 8% of the applicants were evicted.

Q: What is the average turn around time for a full application verification?

A: If the application is completely filled out properly, our average turn around time is three business hours.

Q: What are some of the things that slow down the verification process?

A: Incorrect or incomplete information on the application. When we have to search for phone numbers to reach former apartment managers or employers because the applicant gave us the wrong numbers or left them off, this is a definite slow down. Also, when the soon to be former residence has not received a 30-day notice. They usually will not release any information to us without that.

Q: What counties can you perform criminal searches in?

A: Every county in the United States. We also have access to some foreign countries database.

Q: What makes you better than your competitors?

A: Verification Plus has a parent company, Certified Recovery Systems, LLP. They are a collection agency with a broad clientele of apartments all over the nation. We initially started out to service our current collection clients but the demand from other businesses became apparent so our business has grown. Our clients like what we do and have been telling their friends and colleagues.  With a background in the collections, we have the experience to know how to weed the bad from the good.  We know how important it is for you to accept individuals that will not cause problems for your company.  They could cost you money due to evictions, broken lease agreements or damaged units.  You can be confident in our ability and desire to provide you with the tools to make the right decisions. 

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