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"Thank You"

Verification Plus would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy Holiday Season and to thank you for your support and confidence that has enabled us to:

1)  Sustain 6x growth

2)  Implement our Resident Scoring Program

3)  Provide you with statistical reports to improve your profitablility

4)  Enabled us to increase our staff to give your better service.

Here is hoping you have a great 2002 and Verification Plus looks forward to our continued relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is your scoring system?

     Verification Plus takes YOUR move-in requirements and mirrors your requirement with a numerical score, i.e.:  Income 3x rent, 6 months employment & rental history, etc.  You require 5 points for approval, we score 6 points, recommend approval.


2)  Can I over-ride your scoring system recommendation?

     Yes you can.  We are not approving or denying the applicant but only giving your a recommendation based upon YOUR move-in requirements.


3)  Do you check county criminal records?

     Yes we do.  We have found that the majority of counties do not report promptly to the state data base.  15% of the occasions we have found criminal records not received by the state.


4)  Why do you require applicants with different last names to be punt on seperate applications?

     When pulling credit information same last names are required for joint credit files.  Each applicant it treated as an individual applicant.


5)  It is necessary to have both applicants sign the lease application on a joint application?

     Yes, it is required that both applicants sign the application.  This authorizes yourself or a 3rd party to investigate the applicants background.  Also if you want criminal information on occupants they must also sign giving the authority to check this information.


Meet The Verifiers

Michelle Gonzales

     One of our veteran verifiers, Michelle is now working part-time as she pursues her BA from the University of Houston in Social sciences.  She is a newly wed and enjoys spending time with family, concerts, and festivals.


Irma Villarreal

     Also a veteran verifier, Irma brings to VP a diverse background that included being a jailer and also being a school volunteer.  Her hobbies are reading and spending time with her children and their school activities.


Shelly Walton

     Shelly is our rookie verifier and she brings with her experience in customer service and sales.  Her hobbies are spending time with her animals (anyone looking for a Boa Constrictor!), computer games and horse back riding.

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