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New Verifier Position

The verifiers as Verification Plus are raising the bar, so we have added a new title for these...ALLSTARS.

Previously, the highest level for a verifier was MVP.  To be an MVP, the verifier must average 16 applications per day over a 90 day period.  The newly created position of ALLSTAR verifier has to average 18 applications per day over a 90 day period.

Currently, Michelle & Irma are both MVP verifiers, so stay tuned to see who will be the first ALLSTAR verifier.


MVP Verifier Program

Did you know that Verification Plus has 2 MVP Verifiers?  What is an MVP Verifier?

Our verifiers start out as a rookie and advance to veteran, captain, and finally MVP.  In order to qualify, the MVP verifier must average completing 14 full verifications per day over a 90 day period.

Currently, Michelle is averaging 15.62 applications per day and Irma is averaging 14 full verifications per day.

What is so special about and MVP verifier is that they are the first 2 in our company history.  So next time you talk to them give the congratulations.

Record Breaker

May was a fantastic month for Verification Plus.  Four (4) records were broken:

  • Highest processed for the month - 348 by Michelle Gonzales

  • Highest number of applications processed per hour - 2.29 by Michelle Gonzales

  • Highest average of full verifications per day - 15.80 by Michelle Gonzales

  • Highest percentage of applications processed correctly - 99% by Michelle Gonzales & Irma Villarreal

Congratulations to these truly MVP verifiers.  Check on the next newsletter to see what records VP will break in the coming month.

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