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Important Information:

On all applications it states: Full name exactly as it appears on drivers license or Govt. I.D. card.  This is very important to us that you make sure your applicants fill this out correctly.  It effects the way we do our credit and criminal searches.  Please check this and make sure it is correct before faxing to us.  We would hate to search the wrong name (person).  Thanks for your help and cooperation.

Crime Search

We are online with Harris County and include a criminal search in Harris County on all verifications.  If you do not already know we are now able to provide criminal background searches by county in any county in the United States.  This will help on applicants that have lived in another county.  This service is now available to our clients at a minimal additional charge.


Additional News:

In additional news we ask that you please make sure all applications are legible, include a social security number, and a signature so that we are able to process all application without any delays.


Client of the Month:



Criteria for client of the month:

  1. Number of applications sent
  2. All applications had a signature
  3. All applications were legible
  4. All applications had a social security number.

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