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What Makes Us The Best

  • When checking county criminal data bases we check by name, social security number and drivers license.  Many companies only check by name.  Our research found by only checking by name you miss 7% of the criminals you are looking for.

  • Our average turnaround time is 1.3 days for a full verification including additional crime searches-most are returned the same day.

  • Nationwide criminal searches by county or state

  • We check a nationwide eviction data base.  Most companies rely on the credit bureaus to locate evictions and the data on the credit bureaus is approximately sixty days behind.

  • We customize scoring models based on your move in requirements not some model based on our experience.

  • We compensate our verifiers on quality as well as speed.  We understand the importance of getting factual and timely information back to the properties.

  • We provide our clients with reports that have meaning.  These reports are easy to read and is a true snapshot of who is applying at your property.


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